Some excerpts from AZ Marijuana 2014 year end report

Therefore, the maximum amount any one qualifying patient during a year can possess is
about 65 ounces. There were 1,433,808 transactions that resulted in a total annual sale of 322,528.91
ounces and/or 9,143.54 kg (i.e.,9.14 metric tons) of marijuana. Assuming that the estimated store price was
$350 an ounce, it means that approximately 112 million worth of revenue was generated.During the 2014 calendar year, a monthly average amount of 761.96 kg of marijuana (mdn = 760.70 kg) was sold. On average a qualifying patient had 17 transactions (mdn = 9) during the entire year ranging from a minimum of one transaction to a
maximum of 341 transactions. Read more here

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